Today’s Mobility and Transportation Environment

Mobility is key in today’s global economy. Goods have to be supplied and delivered as inexpensively as possible. People have to get to and from work with as little of an impact as possible on their weekly budgets. Last but not least, the environment should not be unnecessarily impacted by high emissions, toxic battery wastes, etc.

With our current infrastructure of petrol based fueling stations and widely available refining stations, the community as a whole should focus on developing technologies that act as stepping stones to connect our present time with a more distant future of alternate propulsion means: Hydrogen, Electric, etc.

Electric battery technology and recharging stations are just not there yet in our present time to call them a viable solution in replacing the internal combustion engine.

Let’s be honest, the only reason why car companies are investing heavily in electro mobility is that the international community requires them to do so and subsidizes them along the way. Governments and automotive manufacturers are blindsiding consumers and companies alike.

are no ZERO EMISSION CARS! The energy or electricity had to be refined or created/produced somewhere. For that matter, most of our electricity in the United States comes from Coal. So, are the coal power plants operating on ZERO EMISSONS? If that would be the case, the government would not be trying to shut them down in the first place. Unless you have an array of solar panels in your backyard that are charging your battery pack and car, be assured that electric cars are indeed producing emissions.

The hype surrounding renewable energy has been out of control with companies like Solyndra and Fisker having received $ 100-500 Million of government funds to develop and market GREEN TECH!

You cannot stimulate INNOVATION by pumping $$$$ into a project. The innovation has to come from within the group of individuals working on it and the near perfect environment they are operating in.

For all of the above, and without government funding, NIAMA-REISSER, LLC has developed and is currently marketing one of its Petrol based “Green Technologies”: NR Ceramic Ringless-Pistons

NR Ringless Ceramic Pistons

In “NEW” and or “overhauled” engines, OEMS and wholesalers alike can purchase our NR-Ceramic Ringless-Pistons in bulk. Our company has developed pistons for applications like Chevrolet, Ford, Cummins, Caterpillar, Scania, Stihl, etc.

Once initial contact is made, our design team comes together to develop, based upon our proprietary material specifications and patent pending design, a new piston for that specific application and cylinder bore!

On average, we require 150 units of any one type of piston to be pre-ordered, before we commence with the design and manufacturing of the same.

What makes our patent pending design so different from what is being offered on the market today is that we have achieved a “CLEAN Combustion” by not using metal compression and oil control rings. We do however implement polymer / plastic oil control rings.

Furthermore, the entire piston, in the case of gasoline applications, is made from our proprietary ceramic material. This material retains and insulates heat better, which in turn increases the thermal efficiency of the engine and alongside reduces the emissions of the engine as a whole.

The reduced friction from the ceramic piston mantel running in the cylinder bore in addition to the reduced friction from the polymer/plastic piston rings, yet again boost the already increased thermal efficiency of the engine.

The ceramic pistons, on average, weigh 30-50 grams less per piston than its aluminum counterpart. In diesel applications, this number easily climbs to 1-2 pounds! The engine becomes more dynamic and less sluggish throughout its power band.

Our products increase the longevity of any engine and enable today’s engines to burn cleaner and more efficiently.

OEMs and wholesalers do not have to bust their budgets by implementing our products. At 500-1000 units the price is equivalent to aluminum counterparts.

Changing today’s automotive, trucking, gardening equipment and internal combustion engine economy today: NIAMA-REISSER, LLC!

The Presentation and Demonstration

The benefits are clear:

Less Fuel Consumtion
Less Emissions
More Power
higher longevity

Presentation Overview and Locations

The presentation will take place on April 11, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan. After the introduction at 8:00 AM, we will drive with two Lumina APV Vans from the first location in Columbus, Ohio to the second presentation location in Detroit to present the pistons.

The Cars have been completely restored and refurbished with New/Old stock 3.1 liter engines and overhauled transmissions. One Van received our “NR - Ringless Ceramic Pistons” and the second Van is powered by regular OEM pistons.

After the Introductive presentation in Columbus, we will drive with an average speed of 55 miles per hour to Romulus-Detroit in Michigan to compare the cars’ “de facto” efficiency. After presenting the results of our efficiency demonstration in Detroit, we will head back to Columbus and give a summary presentation in Columbus .

Introductive Presentation

08:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Hampton Inn
4150 Stelzer RD,
Columbus, OH 43230

Results Presentation

01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Comfort Inn, Metro-Airport
31800 Wick Rd, Romulus
Romulus, MI 48174

Summary Presentation

07:30 PM - 08:30 PM

Hampton Inn
4150 Stelzer RD,
Columbus, OH 43230

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Niama-Reisser, LLC

Having built a solid Engineering, Research & Development and Manufacturing foundation, by incorporating them all into NIAMA-REISSER, LLC, the company was capable to diversify and establish a broad spectrum of products and services. Automotive applications, in terms of revolutionary powertrains, are key products and technologies of the company. During the past 9 years in business, over 35 international patents cover our products!

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Beyond the products, our Engineering and Manufacturing expertise and Know-How is used by companies around the globe. We optimize on demand existing components and powertrains in addition to manufacturing them or other parts along the supply chain.

With our ISO 9001:2008 certified Manufacturing Facility, we are catering to a broad spectrum of clients and customers.

In addition to our US-Offices, we have founded companies and offices in Germany to license and market our technology and products.


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